Thursday, 1 May 2014

Eco-energy exchange

Our Eco-group's energy team were invited to City Chambers yesterday to tell the world about the energy-saving things we have been doing this year.

We were invited as one of 6 schools who have been taking part in trialling new resources and ideas for the Council.

Edinburgh Council is very keen to reduce the amount of fuel we use keeping the City's schools warm, bright and switched on - and to reduce the greenhouse gases we create by burning fossil fuels.

We were very impressed by City Chambers - it was amazing to walk in the front of the building from the Royal Mile, and to look out the back windows and be so high up! (Just a shame the weather wasn't smiling!)

We were very, very impressive in the way we spoke about our work this year. Confident, clear, and with no signs of nerves!

We well deserved the wee snack provided, and looked quite the part!

We enjoyed sharing our thoughts and suggestions with the others schools at City Chambers, and were pleased to hear Andy Gray, Head of Schools, talking about the Council's future plans.

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